Ren Toner
ACD / Art Director 


I live in a Spanish style bungalow at the edge of Elysian Park, one of the few wilds within Los Angeles. There’s a hummingbird who frequents the Angel Trumpet tree outside my window. On an almost daily basis they will fly in one window and out the other, maintaining eye contact and sometimes squeaking
what I can imagine are the secrets of the universe – only I’m too human to understand them. I spend as much time as I can in the natural world. I love camping, foraging around Echo Park and making herbal concoctions. I’m interested in tarot, natural and orange wines, protofeminism, mythology and ancient earth
based religions... but I can totally talk about normal things as well. Sports! Last summer I designed a sensory picnic to revisit the archetype of the Fallen Woman. Each course corresponded to a different myth. Currently I’m exploring sculpture and how it can be used as ritual.