Ren Toner
Art Director



Social Content 2015-2016

PHHHOTO® is a social platform for making and sharing moving images.

To illustrate the narrative power of PHHHOTO, we shot a series of 15 second silent horror films made completely from phhhotos. One film was released each week of October, starring a PHHHOTO user with a large following.

For the last week of October, we created 5 series of narrative filters. Those filters had the same grain, with new titles, subtitles and additional effects, so users could create their own narratives on their profile. Every night that week, a different set of narrative filters were released. 
Client: Phhhoto
Created with Alexa Curran
Creative Director: Russell Armand


The official @PHHHOTO account is run by its elusive leader RON HYPER. This is how he communicates with the rest of the app. These images were created for announcements of feature releases, special edition filters, hashtag challenges, and even the release of a hotline to leave RON voicemails. All images were shot in-app with an iPhone.
Client: Phhhoto
Created with Luke Harris
Creative Director: Russell Armand


For Halloween 2016 we created a social horror experience through @CREEP. The mysterious account popped up with phhhotos implying they had hacked into the webcams of 17 well-known users with large followings.

All of these users were characters in the story, and sent us their footage with full consent. Pretending to be unaware, they posted to their accounts warning their followers of @CREEP's presence. This of course, created hysteria within the app.
Client: Phhhoto
Creative Director: Omar Elsayed
Engineers: Jason Lafererra, Kevin Cox

At this point @CREEP had a cult following with users replicating the style of the account begging to be stalked. Others were attempting to track @CREEP's IP address to find who was behind the account. Some people just chatted CREEP up for a while.

This story unfolded over a couple of days, until Halloween when we released a series of #CREEP filters, mimicking the moire effect of the account.

Each month we created a challenge in the form of a new technique or concept. April 2016 was #vertigo, the kind of gifs Escher would have made if he had an iPhone. The idea was to create illusions that defy gravity. 
Client: Phhhoto
Created with Jack Flynn
Producer: Mary Robbins