Flagship Experience, 2017

It’s not easy to find a relaxing natural space in the Meatpacking District, but that was our aim with this installation inspired by prisms. This photobooth was created to generate content for Samsung's three-story main screen in the heart of their flagship store. It's a dome structure with 5 Galaxy S7s, capturing your moving image from different angles. Once your images are captured, they are beamed to the main screen and composited together to create an entrancing kaleidoscopic animation.
Client: Samsung
Creative Director: Garrett Fuselier
Engineers: Nate Taylor, Omar Elsayed,
Kevin Cox, Michael 

The structure acts as a barrier against outside noise, with your own image reflected back to you. Inspired by crystal prisms, the dome is made of plexiglass coated in dichroic irridescence. This means, as you change angles, the color of the dome appears to change as well. This design is carried into the shader of the main display.

Once your image appears on the main screen, you see yourself in kaleidoscopic form from five angles, three stories tall. Colors sweep across as the facets slowly orbit. Tendrils of white light mimic the edges of the dome's facets and flash across the screen transitioning to the next image.